Sotheby's x TAMINIAU


Balue (Marjolein) initiated and managed a collaboration between Sotheby’s and Jan Taminiau in which Old Master paintings from Sotheby’s forthcoming sales of The SØR Rusche Collection (in London) were transported and presented in the contemporary setting of Jan Taminiau’s dynamic pop-up store in Amsterdam. 

Featuring three paintings selected by Jan, the exhibition juxtaposes the classical appeal of Old Masters with the modern aesthetic of the designer’s spatial and playfully decorated space. Exceptional paintings by Adam van Breen, Edwaert Collier and Cornelis Norbertus Gysbrechts lined the store’s fresh white walls, creating an open dialogue between Jan’s debut ready-to-wear line and the innate beauty of these works, through texture, colour, line and depth.

The short exhibition offered people in Amsterdam an exclusive chance to see these paintings up close and provided these two wonderful high end brands with shared marketing activities and networking opportunities.